Porn’s Sexy Thai Food at Junction 10

We had dinner at Porn’s at Junction 10 last Saturday. Porn’s is founded by Pornsak, the Mediacorp TV host, hence the titillating name. The food was better than we expected! We started with prawn cakes and pandan leaf chicken. The chicken was tender and juicy and that’s saying a lot because I don’t like chicken. I wasn’t wowed by the tom yum talay but it was decent. The green curry was good.

The orange curry took all of us by surprise. It was super spicy, even for Debs who eats chili padi for fun. It was quite shiok drinking it! Anya seemed to enjoy the olive fried rice and Adrian, who eats pad thai whenever he goes to a Thai restaurant, thought the pad thai was very good. The desserts rounded off the meal nicely. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience.

iced tea

prawn cakes

pandan leaf chicken

tom yum talay

green curry

orange curry

olive fried rice

pad thai

mango with sticky rice and tub tim krob


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