Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians

I read a few mind-blowing facts the other day that totally challenged my perception of time. For example, Cleopatra lived closer in time to the invention of Snapchat than to the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza! She died about 2,000 years ago in 30 BC, while the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed around 2560 BC. Another one is that woolly mammoths were still alive when the Great Pyramid at Giza was built. The pyramid was about 1,000 years old when the mammoths went extinct completely around about 1560 BC.

If your kids are as fascinated about Ancient Egypt as mine, they will be thrilled to join the HORRIBLE HISTORIES team on a sixty minute adventure in awful Egypt! Discover the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies in town – find out why they made their mummies and how they did it!  With songs and participation, there’s no better way to learn about Egypt than an hour with the HORRIBLE HISTORIES team! It’s History with the nasty bits left in!

And that’s not all! KidsFest 2017 will be showcasing a total of NINE world-class productions adapted from best-selling children’s books from 11th January to 12th February 2017. From ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt‘ and ‘The Gruffalo‘ to ‘Stick Man‘ and ‘The Snail and the Whale‘, KidsFest 2017 brings stories from the page to the stage with interactive plots, fun songs and a great dose of humour.


KidsFest 2017


the kiss of death?


Mummy wants to give you a hug


an awful Egyptian!


3 pm, 25 Jan and 3 pm & 5 pm, 28 Jan
Venue:  KC Arts Centre – Home of the SRT
Ticket Price:  From $42


Stand to win 1 Family Package of 4 Category 1 tickets to Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians (worth $248 in total). Please note that the tickets are specifically for the 5pm show on 28 January and cannot be changed for another date or time. Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians is recommended for children aged 5 and above.

To qualify, simply do the following by Wednesday, 21 December 2016, 2359H (Singapore time):
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Kids’ Room IKEA Makeover


When the two older kids were in kindergarten, their bedroom looked like this. They each had a KRITTER Bed Frame with the VYSSA SKÖNT Mattress for Junior Bed. The guard rails at the side were perfect for making sure they didn’t roll out of bed at night.

At a corner of the room, we had a TROFAST Frame with some TROFAST Storage Boxes that the kids would dump their odds and ends into. But we didn’t factor in any space for them to do any writing or drawing and that would usually be done on the dining table or coffee table outside. The room was relatively spacious but the kids didn’t spend much time in their room except when it was time for bed.


Before: two little beds side by side


Before: globes and a plant on some pull-out boxes


Before: nothing much in front except for the shelf


Now that the oldest is in Primary school, we needed to make some space in the bedroom for a work area. So we got rid of the junior beds (one was moved into another room for the baby, another was given away) and we bought the KURA Reversible Bed with MALFORS Foam Mattress instead.

The kids were delighted because they had been asking for a bunk bed for the longest time. We added the KURA Bed Tent with Curtain and just like that, the bed also became a little playhouse for them! Can you spot the HEMMAHOS Cactus Soft Toy on the top bunk?

We also added two MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges on the chalkboard wall so that we could have more books visibly displayed in the room to get the kids interested and encourage the kids to ask for them.


After: bunk bed that doubles up as play area


After: keeping books visible encourages reading

After clearing the necessary floor space, we still had to find a proper table for Anya. We didn’t want to get a kid’s table that had to be replaced after a few years so we bought the FLISAT Children’s Desk that is extendable to three different heights (53, 62 and 72 cm) as the child grows. The desktop can be tilted to help vary their work posture while the groove in the desk prevents pens and other smaller items from falling down when the desktop is tilted.

What I especially like about the FLISAT Children’s Desk is the holder that fits the MÅLA Drawing Paper Roll perfectly. The slats underneath the desk also holds TROFAST Storage Boxes so the kids have extra storage for all their things. For the moment, we are using MAMMUT Chairs and will progress to other types of chairs as the kids grow. To ensure the kids can see well, we are using HÅRTE LED Work Lamps because they are so sleek and don’t take up that much space on the table.

After: lots of paper at hand for creativity

Special mention goes to the RÅSKOG Trolley because it really allows for flexibility and mobility in storage! Currently, we have stationery in the top tier, Anya’s school things in the middle and library books in the bottom. We have a habit of borrowing lots of books and forgetting about them so this helps to keep the books out in the open and visible to the kids.

If you look closely at the top tier of the trolley, you’ll be able to see some of the MÅLA range of stationery from IKEA. I love that they are such good value for money. In the trolley we have the MÅLA Stamp Pens (the youngest loves stamping with these), MÅLA Chalks, and MÅLA Gel Ink Pens.


After: trolley allows flexibility and mobility


After: a space for each kid

So.. ta da! This is what we did for the kids’ room and it should last them for some time. It looks a bit messy but we really are messy people and this is truly how the room looks like most of the time. Now I just need to get my act together to makeover the other rooms!

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts from our collaboration with IKEA Singapore. All IKEA products seen in this post are sponsored by IKEA up to a certain amount. All ideas are mine.

BB Share a Gift 2016

It’s that time of the year! Once again, we are participating in the annual BB Share a Gift by buying groceries and delivering hampers. The kids have been part of this since 2012 and it’s something we intend to be part of every year.

While it’s actually not very convenient to bring the kids along for the delivery, we want them to be able to meet the recipients of the grocery items they have helped to purchase. It helps if you have a trolley to push the hampers on or you can request for some BB Boys to help with the heavy lifting.

So join us in bringing some cheer to the lives of the less fortunate this Christmas season! The beneficiaries are from some 7,108 households who are receiving assistance from Government-funded ComCare programmes and from 198 Voluntary Welfare Organisations.You can help by making donations at various locations, at any AXS station and online as well. You can also volunteer to deliver food hampers. Have a Heart, Share a Gift!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

delivering hope!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

loading up

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

guarding the hampers

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

ready to go!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

knock knock

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

carrying the hampers in


Gudetama Cafe Singapore

I have egg-citing news: the eggs-quisite Gudetama Cafe Singapore is opening tomorrow on 30 November! I attended the media preview yesterday and it was everything I eggs-pected and more. The decor and food are eggs-actly what a Gudetama fan wants to see in a Gudetama cafe.

Some theme restaurants can look very good but the food may be a total letdown. Fortunately, Gudetama Cafe Singapore is by the people behind The Soup Spoon and Joe & Dough so the food is very decent. Also, Little Miss Bento is the co-creator of the menu and food styling so the food looks as good as it tastes. Will let the pictures do the talking so you can see how eggs-traordinary the place is.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Gudetama welcomes you!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

sitting in one of the egg booths

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

egg carton table

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

how cute is this??

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

with Little Miss Bento

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

some of the food available

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

just eat me already…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

so nua

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

twin Gudetama!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

time for lunch!


Gudetama Cafe Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361
Singapore 038983
(psst, it’s really near the Suntec Convention Centre)

Fake it till You Make it – Festive Dining for the Undomestic Goddess

Hi, my name is Delphine and I have a confession: I am completely and utterly hopeless in the kitchen. I can’t cook to save my life and the thought of having friends over and having to feed them sends chills down my spine (and not the good sort of chills) and usually makes me reach desperately for the phone to call in a pizza.

It gets a wee bit embarassing during the festive season when friends talk about meeting up and I demur from offering my place as the venue for our gatherings. So I decided that it’s high time I do something about how pathetically un-domestic I am. Obviously we’re not about to have a holiday miracle where I turn into Martha Stewart overnight, so the only way to go about this is to fake it till I make it in 4 easy steps.

    Get a pretty tablecloth and some matching napkins. This instantly makes everything look a lot more fancy and like you have put in a lot of effort. I love the ones from the VINTER 2016 range with a subtle pattern. My daughter was taken aback by how nice the table looked and demanded to know if it was Thanksgiving. LOL.
    If you’re not great with colour coordination, always stick to classy neutrals like black, white, and grey. Honestly, you can never go wrong with white plates. We used white FÄRGRIK plates and side plates and grey ARV bowls on black place mats and everything went so well with the tablecloth and napkins. For serving the food, we used a VARDAGEN pie dish and oven dish.
    To make the table look more festive, try some tealights in different sizes (but battery-operated ones if you have small children in the house). Don’t forget to pick up some batteries for the lights! Since my un-domestic nature extends to an inability to put together some flowers for a decent centrepiece, we used a festive garland, some twine, and red wicker balls (can reuse for CNY, yay…)
    You are probably wondering, ‘What about the food? Are you going to serve pizza when you have such a fancy set-up?’ Of course not! The final and most important step to faking it is to make a stop at the IKEA Swedish Food Market! We transformed frozen meatballs, multigrain bread mix, frozen marinated salmon, and frozen ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls into an EPIC meal. I also harassed my longsuffering sister to bake some cupcakes for the kids and they looked so yummy on the GARNERA serving stand!

tones of grey and white


essential meatballs that everybody loves


multigrain bread and gravad lax


festive cupcakes by my sister




time to eat

Disclaimer: This is part of a series of posts from our collaboration with IKEA Singapore. All IKEA products seen in this post are sponsored by IKEA. All ideas are mine (and my longsuffering sister’s).   

The Journey – Adam’s Kindergarten Concert

After watching Anya perform 2 years in a row, it was Adam’s turn last Saturday and we attended his kindy performance at UCC. Since he’s just in K1 and it wasn’t his graduation performance, we were quite chill throughout the entire process. Pretty sure it will be a different story when we see him in his little graduation gown next year!


it’s Adam’s turn


the three of them


The Journey


Adam’s item


all done


waiting to be rescued from stage


mandatory family pic

Day in a Life: The Unbearable Madness of being a FTWM

Right. First off, I was supposed to post this several hours ago. But like almost every single day of my life, I can’t seem to get my act together to ensure that everything happens the way I want it to. I’m just going to ramble on and put in some pictures (from our annual photo shoot with Steph Tan) that are almost totally unrelated to the post and hope that no one notices.


Morning. Utter chaos. I wake up at 6am. I used to take the firstborn to school and she would have a nervous breakdown and sit outside my room and cry if we didn’t leave the house by 6.30am. These days, she’s decided that Daddy should drive her so I take it easy and leave the house about 6.45am to go to work. Then the husband comes back home and takes the boys to childcare and kindy.


Mid-morning to late afternoon. I work my butt off. I’m a teacher and I enjoy my job. Of course there are angsty moments but I wouldn’t give it up. While working, I also have to ensure that the kids are alive and in the correct locations and deal with various administrative issues that never fail to pop up. We have forgotten to pick children or they have been missed from the school bus on certain occasions. Not proud of it but it has happened and will keep happening.

Also, at any time, I’m in about 10 different Whatsapp chat groups dealing with various aspects of the kids’ lives (class group, enrichment class group, swimming class group, birthday party group, after school care group, etc.). The husband is not in any of these groups. Sometimes I take a kid to enrichment class in the afternoon. Thanks to a whole village support system (consisting of parents, in-laws, aunts, siblings, friends), we get quite a bit of help with the ferrying around for various things and when work gets in the way.


Evening. We collect the kids from various locations and get home for dinner. Sometimes I go for bootcamp or rollerblade or even head out with friends. This is quite a recent development now that the baby is a lot more independent. The husband has tennis on some evenings. There’s almost always one of us around to read the kids a bedtime story and put them to bed. After they are asleep is when I catch up with work or blogging.


The thing about being a FTWM (at least from my personal experience and IMHO) is that I am always tired, I never get enough sleep, I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something or other, and there is an incredible amount of stress when something falls through the cracks. And so many things fall through the cracks. The sheer amount of mummy guilt associated with being a working mum is so insurmountable that I’ve chosen to ignore it altogether and I refuse to feel guilty about my chosen path.

So here’s hoping that all those articles about children of working mums turning out well, that daughters of working mums are more successful and sons more caring, are true. And I can’t emphasise this enough: whether you choose to work full-time, part-time, from home, or not at all, whatever works for your family and keeps you sane is the best decision you can make. Cheers to mothers everywhere.


Next up is Debs G from Owls Well whose day in a life is all about teaching her youngest kid how to toddler. Debs is a Sunda Scops Owl who married a nice British Barn Owl and is raising a trio of hungry young owlets in a highrise tree in Singapore. Debs is a trained medical professional who is currently training to be A Parent. Debs also blogs about her adventures abroad at Owl Fly Away. Occasionally, she posts pictures on her Instagram account at @4owlswell


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