Asher Turns 4!

We attended Asher’s 4th birthday party at Temasek Club on Saturday. Asher’s really into planes at the moment so It was a plane theme party. Selena made him a B2 stealth bomber cake and a plane piñata. She also upcycled one of his tees by covering over the original faded print with an appliqué of a B2 stealth bomber.

There was a craft corner where the kids could make planes from craft sticks and pegs and a colouring corner as well. I loved the colourful birthday bunting and the goody bags which had old school snacks like colourful round wafers, coklat krim wafers and white rabbit sweets. The piñata was a hit (pun intended, haha!) with the kids and the cake was yummy.

Happy Birthday, Asher!

cutting his B2 stealth bomber cake

a Decepticon piñata

Anya giving the piñata a good whack

grabbing the goodies

very possessive of her jelly from the piñata

watching the older boys destroy the piñata

crawling around

in the helicopter together

making little planes

Adam the bee hoon monster

attempted a cousins (plus Uncle Lincoln) photo


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