Anya’s Art in Class

Anya’s been learning about different types of transportation in school and we went on an excursion to Changi Airport last Thursday. Before we set off for the excursion, I checked out some of her artwork in class. Was quite happy to see that she had coloured a car in red, just like her daddy’s car.

Was also very amused by a picture she had drawn of the family. In the picture, her daddy’s head is so much bigger than everyone else’s! It reminded me of a conversation we had recently about her daddy’s head when I was checking in on her at bedtime:

Anya: I asked for Daddy! Are you Daddy or Mummy?
Me: I’m Daddy.
Anya: You’re not Daddy. Your head is not like Daddy’s head. Daddy’s head is round like a circle. Daddy’s head is like a balloon!


our car

monkey in a boat

Anya’s piece in top left corner

check out daddy’s balloon head


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