Term 3 Art & Craft

I haven’t been very good with documenting the art and craft pieces that Anya brings home from school at the end of every term but I guess it’s not too late to start with Term 3.

This term, they learnt about animals and also went on an excursion to K9 Kulture so the art and craft pieces are all based on animals.

the different animals they learnt about in Term 3

There’s a bag in the shape of a dog’s face, a cat mask, a chicken with googly eyes, a hand-print crab also with googly eyes, a 3D turtle, a cow with peg legs, a llama, a very woolly cotton wool sheep, and a butterfly.

I’m just wondering: for how long does a mother usually keep a kid’s artwork before running out of space to store/ display the art pieces and throwing them away??


2 thoughts on “Term 3 Art & Craft

  1. Nisha

    Not sure if this helps but I bought a big accordion box to file away the ones I don’t display – I am guessing that over the years, if the number of boxes add up, I’d probably cull a few if I don’t have space. But for now, I harbor visions of a high school Arya and me looking fondly over these works of art someday :)


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