10 Years of Couplehood

that’s us 10 years ago!

It’s hard to believe but Adrian and I started dating 10 years ago today! Within the last 10 years, we got engaged, got married and produced two kids. We are older, (much) heavier but very happy. And with God’s grace, I hope that we will have many, many more years together as a couple!


7 thoughts on “10 Years of Couplehood

  1. olimomok

    Have I ever told you I remember you back from Eusoff Hall days? I was from TH next door but was at least 2 years your senior! You were always going for supper or hanging around outside the hall ;)

    1. delphine Post author

      I didn’t know that! Haha, what a small world. Yah, I think I spent more time going for supper and generally hanging around than going to class! ;)

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