Hole in Teeth Equals Hole in Wallet

Brought Anya to the dentist on Friday and left considerably poorer! We went to GPA Dentalcare at Holland Village and saw Dr Daniel Teo. He’s a really nice, gentle dentist and great with kids. We visited him about a year ago and Anya’s teeth were fine. Then I got complacent and missed the appointment six months later.

When we saw him last week, he commented that she had two teeth on the bottom that were sort of overlapping and could lead to a gap when her adult teeth eventually appear. But there’s nothing we can do about that for the time being except maybe save up for the braces that she might need later one! Then he said that Anya had tooth decay!! The back of her top two front teeth are decayed and he says it’s common for children who drink from a bottle because the milk tends to pool there. Anya still drinks from a bottle at night and we are horrible parents who don’t make her brush her teeth before she goes to sleep.

So I had to pay for her two front teeth to be filled and it was expensive! But she still needs her baby teeth for another 3 or 4 more years and it wouldn’t be good if her two front teeth rot away and she has a big gap in her smile. I can at least be thankful that Anya’s a really good dental patient. There were no complaints from her when Dr Teo was cleaning and filling up her teeth. He had to insert a plastic strip between her two front teeth while he was restoring them and she was cool about it.

Now we get Anya to drink some water after her milk at night and hopefully we’ll progress to getting her off the bottle completely and to brush her teeth before she sleeps. I hereby declare that I will not make the same (costly) mistake with her brother!

trying to hatch a dinosaur egg

strawberry-flavoured tooth polish

getting her teeth filled


9 thoughts on “Hole in Teeth Equals Hole in Wallet

      1. Deborah Tan

        When I was three/four? Mum woke me up from a nap one day, took me to some dentist, dentist just kept distracting me and next thing I knew, SNAP! One tooth was taken out. I SCREAMED SO LOUD. I gave our mother the stinky eye for several days after.

  1. Gerald Teo

    Here’s another piece of advice. Don’t rip out her teeth prematurely. Teeth tend to grow out crooked after that. My mum let me believe in the tooth fairy and I was always eager to rip out a tooth if it got loose. My braces probably cost my dad in excess of 3K.

  2. Rubenna

    I read your post while trying to look for a dentist for my kid.
    Is this dentist whom your daughter saw good?



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