Heather’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Heather’s 2nd birthday on Saturday. Sharon rented some big toys and the kids spent most of their time playing with (and fighting over) them. It’s really funny how we have come full circle from the time we were kids fighting over the computer/ Nintendo to our kids doing the exact same thing!

The kids were also really fascinated with the dry ice surrounding the ice-cream cake and kept trying to blow the mist around. After they got bored with that, it was a mad scramble for the chocolate pieces on the outside of the cake. Never a dull moment with these kids around!

Happy birthday, Heather!

pretty little goody bags

kids’ table

BBQ grill (which they fought over)

Ellery with his veggies

Adam in his usual MM outfit

fighting over a chair: Aidan frustrated, Asher quietly determined

Adam and his Uncle Lincoln

“ermm.. I think my cake’s on fire!”

the family

fun with dry ice

time for cake!

nom nom nom..

saying bye to the flowers


2 thoughts on “Heather’s 2nd Birthday

  1. thelovecatway

    what a neat idea with the dry ice! we get some every once in awhile with special meat I have shipped, and my daughter loves when I fill the bathtub to look like a “spooky lagoon.” she throws rubber ducks and toy boats in to let them float in the fog!


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