Musical Monkeys Playgroup

On Monday, we attended Musical Monkeys, a musical playgroup for young children to sing, dance and play musical instruments. Selena usually brings Ellery for the 0-3 years old session and Asher wanted to see what Ellery gets up to in the playgroup so Anya and I tagged along with them for the 2-5 years old session.

We started by introducing ourselves and then singing and moving around the room to some action songs. We even sang a song about pirates in Italian! Anya wasn’t so keen to participate at first, as is her usual style whenever she’s exposed to something new. But when the musical instruments were brought out, she became very interested indeed! The kids got to try out the triangle, bells, castanet and maracas.

After making a lot of noise and some music with the instruments, we sang and danced around to more songs, blew bubbles and swung the parachute around. It was a really fun 45-minute session that was very hands-on and interactive. Most importantly, Anya said she had a lot of fun!

trying out the triangle

shaking bells in the air

clackety-clack with castanets

playing with maracas

walking around with the parachute


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