Anya’s School Excursion – Tekka Market

The second half of the school excursion was conducted at Tekka Market. I grew up in Little India so I used to go to Tekka Market very often with my grandma. It was nice to be able to visit the market with Anya. The stallholders were really friendly and accommodating. They gave the kids free samples and even brought out various sea creatures for the kids to look at.

assembling at the front of the market

a butcher

freshly grated coconut


the kids were given mango to eat

guava apples: look & feel like apples, taste like guava. nice!

dinosaur eggs??


a stingray for the kids to look at

that's as close as she was willing to get to the shark


aspiring vegetable seller

Happy Meal back at school *raised eyebrow*


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