Anya’s 3rd Birthday: Amazonia

We brought Anya to Amazonia at Great World City as a birthday treat. She loves the place, and now that she’s older, she can navigate the entire area on her own. As I’ve mentioned before, it has the best food of all the indoor playgrounds so I like it too. :)

It was my first time running around inside with her because I was heavily pregnant the last two visits. It was quite a workout for me! They now have unlimited play after 5pm from Monday-Friday so I want to bring her again soon.

linguine carbonara

one of their pizzas

jumping on the trampoline

collapsing from laughter

climbing over obstacles


visiting the ball pit

super long slide!

more than happy to slide down on her own!


2 thoughts on “Anya’s 3rd Birthday: Amazonia

  1. beanbean

    Amazonia is totally the place for a birthday treat. We brought the 2 kids for Naomi’s birthday treat too and they both had a great time. I didn’t realise it was unlimited play after 5pm! That’s a plan for a Fri evening.

    1. delphine Post author

      I quite enjoy running around inside with her except that it gives me a crick in the neck. I think the unlimited play is a good deal!


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