Taratata Bistrot

I’ve read many good reviews of Taratata Bistrot so Adrian and I had dinner there on Friday evening. The appetisers (French onion soup and lobster bisque) and dessert (creme brulee) that we ordered were good but we were let down by our main courses.

I ordered the Duck Confit but it came with green lentil instead of the white bean ragout that I’d read about in the reviews. The skin was lovely and crisp and the meat tender on one side of the duck but the other side was clearly overcooked and tough. Adrian didn’t enjoy his rabbit leg very much either.

I guess they were just having an off night and I’d love to give Taratata Bistrot another try but we don’t have very many date nights as it is. The service there was very good though so no issues with that whatsoever.


inside Taratata

French onion soup

pan-fried duck foie gras with caramelised pears

duck confit with green lentil ragout

braised rabbit leg in scented mustard and tarragon sauce


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