Kuala Lumpur Trip Day 1

We left for KL on the 8am train on Friday. My aunt and my mum wanted to take the train too so they came along with us for this trip. In the end, they took care of Anya most of the time so Adrian and I had a really relaxing holiday! :)

sleepy Anya guarding our bags at the station

clearing Malaysian immigration

our train!

we passed our place on the train

at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint

reading about the very hungry caterpillar

time for a nap!

We got to KL after 3pm and made our way to Traders Hotel. It’s an excellent place to stay in while in KL. Then we walked around a bit at Suria KLCC before going in search of this hokkien mee stall that I’d read about. The noodles were really good and had delicious crunchy bits of pork lard. Yum. After that, Adrian and I went to catch Super 8 while the others turned in for the night.

in our room

our view

Traders Hotel buggy that Anya can’t get enough of

Lien Bee hokkien mee stall at Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock

nom nom nom


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