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Are you looking for a way to ditch the routine and have more time for art and creativity?

The harsh reality is that every project involves boring, mundane tasks that need to be done. But it does not mean that you should be bored to death – there is a way out. Use the help of online services and generators that are created specifically for such situations such as UPNG and Font Generator. All these tiny tools perform tedious tasks.

UPNG deals with the most trivial task out there – it minifies images in PNG format. It shrinks and optimizes pictures trying to find an optimal balance between the quality and size. As a result, you won’t see much difference between the original image and its minified version; but the website will load faster.

The Lists provides you with a dummy text for concepts. Unlike Lorem Ipsum, these chunks of text are readable and understandable, looking like real content. It covers 10 popular categories: business, communication, design, food, finance, and others. We recommend using the free bootstrap themes resource to speed up your workflow.

As the name implies, Font Generator is an instrument that works with typefaces. It mixes and matches fonts from the enormous Google database and offers users unique pairings. Just specify starting fonts for title, accents, and body (or use a random function) and the tool will generate variations.

Instrument that works with typefaces

Since we already touched on font generators, let’s start namely with them. There are several interesting solutions: Fontjoy and Mixfont. Both let you combine different typefaces to find which ones work for you.

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Mixfont only displays the selected options, while the Fontjoy allows locking fonts and testing them using your own text

Font Pairing Generator
Font Pairing Generator

Other helpful tools for dealing with typography are Bungee and Long shadow generator. These two transform titles and slogans into attention-grabbing pieces.

Bungee is an online tool for creating typography with a trendy vertical rhythm. It has a dozen of splendid typefaces that can be finely tuned to achieve a dramatic result. You are welcome to set text, theme, color, background, alternate letters, and orientation.

Tool for creating typography

Long shadow generator is a tiny playground where you can experiment with the text shadows. Adjust the main aspects and copy the resulting code to apply it to the desired headline.

Last in this subsection is Responsive Font Calculator. It is for those who care the responsive aspect of typography in a website. This tiny calculator provides a proper calc() property that forces text to scale smoothly and gracefully.

Tool for dealing with typography


Another huge area where generators are real life-savers is coloring. Poorly chosen color palettes can upset the harmony of a project and even convey the wrong message. Avoid this and try Random Material Palette Generator or Coolors.

The first solution is guided by principles of Material Design. It offers different variants of beautiful three-tone schemes. In the playground, you can apply the generated solution to text, image, a card template, or vertical template to assess its suitability.

Color generator

Coolors is a professional tool that generates five-tone color palettes and allows you to tune saturation, brightness, hue, and temperature. The result is available in four popular formats: PNG, SCSS, PDF, and SVG.

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Color generator

Patterns and Effects

If you need some patterns for backgrounds, we recommend Confetti.js and Patterninja.

Confetti.js generates confetti-inspired background that can be animated. Configure the type of confetti, number of confetti, colors, size, and canvas dimensions.

Patterns and Effects Generator

Patterninja is a small service that has a ton of images inside, which can be easily mixed and matched. Use the available graphics or your SVG to build your unique composition.

Patterns and Effects Generator

There are a ton of generators to create effects; however, we want to draw your attention toward the marvelous Duotone effect. Although the peak of its popularity was in 2016 after the Spotify rebranding, the technique is still in demand. Duotone by Shapefactory is a fantastic tool to consider when you need to reproduce something in this style.

Duotone effect

Website Builder

Startup Bootstrap Builder

Sometimes you need an all-in-one tool or generator. Startup is a Bootstrap builder that helps you build an entire website.

Packed with ready-made tools and themes, almost anyone can use this tool to create and design a website and publish it right from their browser. And you don’t have to know a thing about code to use it. The generator is perfect for building small website projects.


The previous generators may sound a bit common since color and typography are two main subjects for experiments. But generators for graphics seem more fresh and original. These tools assist in building logos, patterns, icons, and all other sorts of visual material.

Logo Crunch is a logotype maker that specializes in creating beautiful responsive graphics. Among the settings, you can adjust crop factor, fill holes, choose the size, and some others. The resulting favicon is suitable for the website, iOS, and Android applications.

Logotype Maker

With more than 3,000 templates that embrace a dozen of popular categories, Designevo allows generating high-res good-looking logotypes in seconds. Though, you can always start from scratch.

Logotype Generator

Programmatically Generated Graphics

The trend of creating graphics using vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript got a huge boost when the brilliant Mary Lou released the CSS3 Patterns Gallery, showing us hidden possibilities of CSS. Much has happened since then, and CSS and JS are used for producing not just simple repetitive patterns but even small drawings, characters, and scenes. Let’s consider Simple Icon Generator and Vue SVG Maker in this category.

Simple icon generator is as simple as it sounds. Nevertheless, it has a dozen of settings that can be customized such as shape, background color, border color, font, and others.

Icon Generator

Vue SVG Maker offers a small control panel where you can set options. It generates a small abstract scene with the title in the middle. Grab the result in SVG format and use it.

SVG Maker

Fun Graphics

Let’s step a bit aside from the web design sphere and consider Threed and Crello. We could not resist the temptation of including them in our list.

3D Mockups Generator

Threed generates eye-catching highly realistic 3D mockups that are perfect for promoting mobile applications. Here you can set angle, glare, color, and shadow. Crello is a free playground where you are welcome to create graphics of various kinds. It comes with a ton of static and dynamic templates, backgrounds, patterns, textures, and objects.

Graphics creation of various kinds


For those who value time, these generators may be life-savers. They offer quick solutions to basic problems. Some save us from boring routines, while others provide quick answers to common issues. Maybe not all can boast of high-quality results and original performance; however, it is enough to save precious time and supply you with an alternative.

Share your experience with us. Do you use generators? What generators save you time?

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